4 things to consider when choosing a IT Managed Service Provider

2 months ago

Managed IT Services Provider MSP

Whilst there is a saturated market, you should be looking for a MSP that understands your business and provides you with a wide range of core network services and high level technology solutions including day to day IT services, cloud services, IT strategy consulting and disaster recovery.

Managed IT Services does more than just provide the peace of mind that real time systems like cloud computing and private cloud are actually reducing your operational costs through increased productivity to help achieve your business goals and business objectives. In addition the benefits gained from vendor management and standardisation provide by an MSP far outweigh any additional costs – its the smart play.

Here are the top 4 things for business owners to consider when choosing a Managed IT Services company:

1) 24x7x365 IT Support Service

Issues with your information technology can happen at any time, even outside of business hours. When choosing a IT service provider small businesses, and medium sized organisations, need to consider looking for one that provides support options 24 hours, 7 days a week Australia wide. 

This ensures if there’s an IT Support issue outside of business hours, you won’t need to wait until the next business day to get support. Although some MSP’s don’t offer this type of support, here at Milnsbridge, we provide our customers with a round the clock service and a local Sydney helpdesk with unmatched response time and levels of service.

2) Cloud Backup & Data Recovery Processes

The true test of a reliable MSP is their online backup and data recovery processes. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre 1 in 3 small and medium sized businesses experience some form of cybercrime, this results in valuable data loss, downtime or potentially the end of your business. 

Unfortunately, sometimes businesses find out after a data breach that their MSP cannot fully or partially recover their data due to not having the proper systems in place. So, it is essential that when choosing an MSP, you ask about their backup and data recovery services. You can read more about Milnsbridge’s cloud backup approach.

3) Proactive Security Approach

Whilst it is beneficial to have experts available when a problem occurs, our innovative best practices will put a system of proactive security measures in place to prevent these problems before they occur. IT security should be your top priority. 

Hundreds of businesses experience cybercrime every year but with the right security measures and monitoring software, you can keep your small business running smoothly. Discover Milnsbridge’s layered security approach.

4) Service Provider Agreements

Not all MSP agreements are the same. Some agreements are very complex with complicated service level agreements (SLAs) many exclusions and long term contract commitments. Try to find an MSP that provides cost effective unlimited supported agreements with no lock in contracts. This will provide the greatest consistency and reduce pressure on business operations and supply chain management.

Changing IT companies isn’t a decision that happens overnight. You should look for an MSP that can provide your business with valuable services but also one that you can see yourself working with for a long time. There are many small businesses using mid market providers who lack the required services including the personal touch which is provided by Milnsbridge.

When you choose an MSP, you are also partnering with a team of experts that are focused on prioritising your business’s needs. Milnsbridge has been providing IT Support Sydney Wide for nearly 20 years. We pride ourselves on being one of the first MSP’s in Sydney and also still supporting most of our original customers.

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