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Our story begins in November 2001 in the corner of an suburban sunroom where the vision of Milnsbridge was born. The vision has always been about delivering the professional IT Support enjoyed by larger companies and deploying the same corporate discipline and support practices to help smaller businesses grow.

Testing this new concept was critical and the sunroom was ideal. Within a few short weeks, the entire sunroom was transformed into what would be our first office, complete with a helpdesk, store room, repair workshop, meeting area and workstations.

Today, our visions remain the same. Milnsbridge has a skilled team of dedicated professionals, each with their own specific areas of knowledge and experience catering to the IT support needs of all types of business clients from a wide range of industries.


Why Milnsbridge

The Milnsbridge team is united by a set of shared core values. These values are our fundamental beliefs, part of our culture and are our guiding principles that influence our behaviour and actions. They also facilitate business decision making and are deeply engrained in our processes and service delivery.

The Milnsbridge Team is committed to living and breathing our values. Milnsbridge is unified and is ideally placed to best service and benefit clients, partners and team members. 






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Our track record shows that we do what we promise, operate with transparency and are fully invested in forming long-term relationships where we provide the right IT platforms for our clients to flourish. 


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