Managed WiFi Solutions

As experts in the field, the team at Milnsbridge know how crucial reliable Managed WiFi Solutions are to business success.

Flexible and secure connectivity is key for the efficient and competitive running of every business. Your staff, customers and consultants can all benefit from easy access to a Managed WiFi network that has been customised to meet your business’s needs.

Milnsbridge offer versatile and secure cloud Managed WiFi services tailored to meet the requirements of your business. Work from Home WiFi support (WFH WiFi) is also available extending your head office WiFi network into home offices for remote workers allowing a seamless experience.


Managed WiFi Solutions

Our enterprise grade Wi Fi access points provide flexible connectivity anywhere your team is working – whether that’s a head office, warehouse, work from home, or out on the road. Our systems are designed to work across all devices and can handle multiple sites while providing separate configurations, statistics and administration for each location ensuring smooth business operations with advanced security.

Utilising Unifi networking products to provision a reliable and secure wi fi network to deliver wifi access for staff is now a viable replacement model to hard wired networks. Unifi delivers seamless wifi access anywhere across your wireless network whether in the corporate office or the home office environment.

Managed WiFi Solutions – Low monthly costs


Milnsbridge utilises the highest performing cloud based managed WiFi equipment to deliver the best possible network performance solution


Whether you need a single access point for a building or connectivity for an entire site, our cloud managed access points have you covered


Cloud Managed Networking provides your business with a secure online platform to manage guest user access, user experience and maintain security


Our managed Wi Fi provides flexible connectivity anywhere your team is working – whether in a warehouse, head office, or in a branch location


The Milnsbridge team offer a complete Managed WiFi solutions – including network design, engineering, installation and real time support of all your WiFi needs. We monitor every aspect of your WiFi system allowing us to proactively address issues before they arise.

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