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When you partner with Milnsbridge Managed Services you leave the information technology hassles to us so you can do what you do best

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Predictable Costs

Our monthly fixed cost managed it support service allows your company to consistently stay on budget and plan ahead without any surprises

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Managed Cyber Security

Keep your business protected and running smoothly with Milnsbridge’s enterprise IT security approach, top managed services & managed IT Solutions


Efficient Operations

Maintain peak performance and operational efficiency with industry leading Managed IT Service based in Sydney backing your business


Which Managed IT Services plan do I need?

How much support does your business need to make sure all your team are achieving their best productivity? With the best IT Solutions Plans, Milnsbridge offer 3 streamlined plans.

$ 69
Most Popular
$ 89
$ 159
Remote Support
Comprehensive and swift IT assistance without the need for onsite visits, saving time and reducing interruptions. Core Plan has 3 hours of included Remote Support, Growth & Enhanced have unlimited Remote Support.
3 Hours Included
Onsite Support
Comprehensive onsite IT assistance without limitations, providing ultimate peace of mind for your IT needs, regardless of where the issue arises.
Unlimited Support
Unrestricted IT assistance anytime, anywhere, offering maximum flexibility and support coverage for businesses with dynamic needs.
Support Hours
Receive reliable assistance from qualified technicians during business hours on hour Core & Growth Plans or round-the-clock IT support on our Enhanced Plan
Monday to Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Monday to Friday 8am - 5:30pm
24 Hours Support - 7 Days a Week
Response Times
We strive to address any concerns or issues as quickly as possible, ensuring smooth operations for your business.
Best Effort Response Times
Guaranteed Response Times
Priority Response Times
Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
Seamless transition for new and departing staff, ensuring a consistent IT environment and minimising disruption.
Microsoft 365 Administration
Expert management of your Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring optimal setup, security, and performance
Cyber Security Awareness Training
Empower your staff with the knowledge to stay safe online, reducing the risk of security breaches
EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
Safeguard your devices against threats, ensuring the security and integrity of your business data
Cloud Hosted Email Security
Protect your communications from threats and spam, ensuring safe and efficient email correspondence.
Critical Software & Security Updates
Stay updated with the latest patches, ensuring the safety and smooth running of your IT systems
Server Performance Monitoring
Constant surveillance of server health and performance to ensure peak server performance, preventing unexpected downtimes and promoting business continuity
24/7 System Monitoring + Alerts
Continuous oversight of your IT systems, ensuring swift detection and response to potential issues
Daily Backup Monitoring​
Continuous surveillance of daily backup processes to ensure your data is consistently and safely backed up, offering peace of mind and reducing data loss risks
Monthly Executive Reports​
Stay informed about the health and performance of your IT infrastructure, assisting in decision-making and future planning
Standard Operating Environment
A unified computing environment across your organisation that enables consistency across your IT environment, simplifying management, and boosting overall efficiency
Keeper Password Manager
Boost security by using a robust tool to manage and store passwords, ensuring employees don't resort to weak or repeated passwords
Duo Multi Factor Authentication
Enhance account security by requiring a second form of verification, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorised access
DNS Filter Internet Protection
Safeguard your network from harmful or inappropriate websites, ensuring a secure and productive online environment for your staff
Essential 8 Assess & Report
A thorough assessment based on the Australian Government’s Essential Eight cybersecurity strategies, ensuring your business aligns with best practices for IT security
Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
Regular scans to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, ensuring the ongoing protection of your business data and systems
Threatlocker Application Control
Fine-grained control over which applications can run, enhancing security by preventing unauthorised or potentially harmful software


Join the growing list of local companies spreading the word about the IT support benefits offered by Milnsbridge including Managed Services such as security auditing, disaster recovery planning, procurement, budgeting assistance, and licensing management.

Based in Sydney CBD & Penrith/Emu Plains our managed helpdesk is staffed by a quality team of experts ready to provide you remote assistance when you need it. IT support services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas). All first and second level service desk cases are managed directly by the HelpDesk, with cloud services and third level and beyond cases being escalated to our in-house Engineering team with a smile.

More appropriately called Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Security today, the humble AntiVirus software now provides an extensive array of features including AV, Malware, Spyware and Ransomware protection. Endpoint Security also provides free website filtering in real time to help protect your systems inside and outside of your network by blocking inappropriate access. We supply, install and support our Endpoint Security suite at not additional cost to you as part of the IT services provider solutions.

All key managed computers in your company are monitored with infrastructure management agents sending alerts directly to our IT Services Desk watching over your network 24×7. Most system issues are discovered, alerted and fixed long before a problem exists. Our proactive monitoring and automation policies are continuously undergoing development to focus on improving the quality and insights for each business site in Australia forming a key pillar of our IT support solutions..

Research experience over 21 years has allowed us to develop very comprehensive Managed IT Security Services. Company end users on Growth & Enhanced services provider plans receive Keeper security which provides a secure password manager for business. As a cloud security application Keeper allows for separate password vaults for business and personal passwords to ensure secure cloud computing.

Security awareness is also a key focus to support your end user team with insights to view cloud performance on your site.

In addition to ensuring all Microsoft patches are up to date our managed IT services program updates a large range of 3rd Party (Non-Microsoft) companies applications. No more annoying pop-up messages telling you to update anymore. Examples of 3rd Party software updated includes Adobe Acrobat, Java, iTunes, and browsers like Firefox and Chrome are also automatically updated to help keep you secure.

Besides getting rid of all the annoying spam, as a managed service provider we also eliminate most other email-borne threats before they even reach your mailbox. Best of all, your team can manage their own quarantine and whitelists with our cloud managed filter. Another inclusion of our security services we’ll supply, configure, and support at no additional cost.

Our team of professional and friendly Senior Engineers can be scheduled to provide fast onsite IT support services anywhere in Sydney on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or fixed monthly basis. Scheduled visits provide your business with the certainty of having an onsite IT company Sydney-wide you can depend on.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind that we take care of all Microsoft updates including critical security updates and general software updates. Updates are personally approved by your dedicated IT services Technician in conjunction with your onsite visit schedule to help provide a smooth and seamless updating experience for effective infrastructure protection. All update services managed by Milnsbridge keep you secure.

Every Business needs the flexibility to deliver quality reliable work from home solutions for their employees and provide ongoing access to support services maintaining business operations. VPN Access, Wi Fi, WFH Setup with onsite and remote support. Secure Remote Working Platform including Managed WiFi solutions managed by Milnsbridge.

Every HP Business laptop or desktop we install has a fixed price install fee, including onsite installation anywhere in Sydney, so you know exactly what the costs are going to be, allowing you to take comfort in knowing there will be no additional installation charges. Extra discounts are provided for multiple installations to save you even more.

Why wait for someone in your office to notice a problem when it could already have been fixed? There are a lot of different types of problems that can develop, but over time some problems for businesses tend to reappear and can easily be fixed automatically. Our Proactive MSP Monitoring Agents are working 24 hours a day to detect managed service problems and if they do we’ll immediately commence a Self Healing repair for the most common IT problems experienced by businesses.

You’ll receive a Executive Summary report to read every month providing an information overview of all managed it services components including every support case for your office, all monitoring actions, managed backup successes/fails, system numbers, warranties, vendor management and benchmarking statistics to see how your business requirements are performing and the outcomes of a monthly cybersecurity audit.

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All the essentials
$ 69 Monthly
  • 3 Hours Remote Support
  • Support Hours 8am - 5.30pm M-F
  • Best Effort Response Times
  • Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 Administration
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Hosted Email Security
  • Critical Software + Security Updates
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 System Monitoring + Alerts
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Standard Operating Environment


Unlimited Support + Security
$ 89 Monthly
  • Unlimited Remote + Onsite Support
  • Support Hours 8am - 5.30pm M-F
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 Administration
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Hosted Email Security
  • Critical Software + Security Updates
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 System Monitoring + Alerts
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Keeper Password Manager
  • Duo Multi Factor Authentication
  • DNS Filter Internet Protection


Unlimited Support 24x7 + Security
$ 159 Monthly
  • Unlimited Remote + Onsite Support
  • 24 Hours Support - 7 Days a Week
  • Priority Response Times
  • Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 Administration
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Hosted Email Security
  • Critical Software + Security Updates
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 System Monitoring + Alerts
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Essential 8 Assess & Report
  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threatlocker Application Control
  • Keeper Password Manager
  • Duo Multi Factor Authentication
  • DNS Filter Internet Protection