Managed Service Provider FAQ

1 year ago

Managed Services can be a tricky concept to navigate as it encompasses everything from hardware to helpdesks to maintenance. With this in mind, we have formulated a short but informative Managed Service Provider FAQ around the most commonly asked questions we run into regarding Managed Service Providers, what they do, what does it include etc. So, read below for answers to the most commonly asked questions about Managed Service Providers.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider (or MSP) is a proactive, third-party, subscription-based service that revolves around providing premium remote services to small and medium sized businesses and companies such as:

  • Maintenance and repair of business technology infrastructure such as laptops and desktops
  • Cloud backup and Cloud computing services Azure and Microsoft 365
  • WiFi and Internet services
  • Managed security services such as Next-Gen AntiVirus
  • Onsite or remote monitoring and management
  • Work from home support and services
  • Automated Microsoft updates and patch management

A Managed Service Provider covers day-to-day operations as well as long-term strategic IT solutions which gives businesses a competitive edge as well as peace of mind.

What is an MSP?

How does a Managed IT Service Provider work?

Once your business becomes a Milnsbridge Managed IT Services customer, we will begin the process of onboarding. Onboarding is where … From then on you will pay a monthly fee, dependent on what plan your business selects.

Milnsbridge will manage your day-to-day IT needs through our friendly helpdesk and onsite or remote maintenance from our engineer team. If your computer breaks or you need a new one, you can order that through us and our workshop team will set it up for you to be ready for work.

Long-term, Milnsbridge will also assist with bigger projects such as NBN.

If I have existing computers, will they still be supported by my new Managed Service Provider?

Yes, all computers will be supported when you onboard with Milnsbridge. However, inevitably as reliability and performance become an issue, we would encourage you to begin using a computer that complies with Milnsbridge’s SOE.

Milnsbridge’s SOE is our Secure Operating Environment which is a best practice standard that we implement to all of our customers in order to promote IT compliancy. Part of our SOE standard is our recommended computers.

Milnsbridge has been a partner of HP since 2002 and we highly recommend HP computers for our SOE because of their longevity, reliability and performance. You can read more about HP computers here.

What is included in a Managed IT Service plan?

  • Onsite or remote IT maintenance visits
  • Managed IT Security, including access to security cloud applications such as SolarWinds’ PassPortal
  • Spam Titan email protection
  • NextGen antivirus software – endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Microsoft and third-party automated patch and software updates
  • 100% local Managed IT Services – managed by our helpdesk and engineer team based in Emu Plains
  • Proactive 24×7 system monitoring
  • Automated Microsoft update management
  • Work from home set up and management
  • Fixed price PC installs – no surprise costs
  • Proactive self-healing 24 hours a day – detects and fixes most common problems
  • Monthly reporting detailing every support case, monitoring actions, managed backup statistics and benchmarking figures
  • No lock-in contracts
Managed Service Provider FAQ
You will have peace of mind knowing that your IT is in the hands of a Managed Service Provider like Milnsbridge

Can I purchase hardware from my Managed Service Provider?

Yes. Not only does Milnsbridge manage all of your day-to-day IT needs and bigger projects, but we also can distribute and setup hardware for your business. You will be able to purchase laptops, desktops, tablets as well as other tech peripheral through Milnsbridge. It will come to our workshop where we will set it up and install it with all the necessary applications or profiles. Then you can either pick it up from us directly or have us install it for you onsite. This service can give you peace of mind that from start to finish your hardware is receiving the best care from IT experts. You can read more about purchasing hardware from Milnsbridge here.

What is a helpdesk and how does it work?

The helpdesk is an integral aspect of Managed IT Services and are generally the first point of contact if and when an issue arises. The Milnsbridge helpdesk is located in our Emu Plains office, they are contactable via our 1300 300 293 number. You can call the helpdesk for a range of issues such as:

  • Password resets
  • Access issues
  • Physical issues with your computer
  • Connectivity problems

Our helpdesk is renowned for 5 star response with 95% of cases responded to within 1 hour and 98% of cases resolved within 1 hour. However, if a case becomes complex it will then be referred to our engineer team.

What is the difference between in-house IT and outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider?

While there are foreseeable benefits to both in-house IT and outsourced Managed IT, ultimately outsourced IT has the most value. Generally, the cost of employing just one full-time in-house IT person is far more costly than a Managed Service Provider and in-house IT may only provide your team with a limited skillset. However, when you partner with a Managed Service Provider you are receiving a team of dedicated IT specialists who will provide your business with the latest tech trends and measures, 24x7x365 support and all the previously outlined benefits. Ultimately, the benefits of outsourcing your IT outweigh in-house IT.

What is onsite and remote maintenance?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, remote managed services have become an invaluable service which mitigates face-to face risk. Therefore, we offer both onsite and remote maintenance options for our customers. Remote management and monitoring ensure that all of your business’ patches, updates and other system maintenances are always up to date rather than waiting for your weekly, fortnightly or monthly onsite maintenance visit.

We hope this Managed Service Provider FAQ has been helpful to better understanding what we do, what is included for you and more. If you have any further questions, need any clarification or would like to discuss partnering with Milnsbridge IT, call our friendly team on 1300 300 293.

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