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Managed Services

Expert team for seamless IT support and infrastructure management.

Business IT Services

Tailored IT solutions for Sydney businesses to flourish.

Cybersecurity Services

Advanced protection to safeguard your business against cyber threats.

Business Cloud Services

Scalable and secure cloud solutions for data storage and operations.

Networking & Hardware

A range of networking and hardware solutions to ensure your business is always up and running.

Response Times & Resolution Times Matter

Our track record shows that we do what we promise, operate with transparency and are fully invested in forming long-term relationships where we provide the right support businesses need to flourish. 

Cases Responded to Within 1 Hour
Cases Resolved Within 1 Hour

Managed service plans to suit your business

$ 75
Most Popular
$ 95
$ 165
Remote Support
Comprehensive and swift IT assistance without the need for onsite visits, saving time and reducing interruptions. Core Plan has 3 hours of included Remote Support, Growth & Enhanced have unlimited Remote Support.
3 Hours Included
Onsite Support
Comprehensive onsite IT assistance without limitations, providing ultimate peace of mind for your IT needs, regardless of where the issue arises.
Unlimited Support
Unrestricted IT assistance anytime, anywhere, offering maximum flexibility and support coverage for businesses with dynamic needs.
Support Hours
Receive reliable assistance from qualified technicians during business hours on hour Core & Growth Plans or round-the-clock IT support on our Enhanced Plan
Monday to Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Monday to Friday 8am - 5:30pm
24 Hours Support - 7 Days a Week
Response Times
We strive to address any concerns or issues as quickly as possible, ensuring smooth operations for your business.
Best Effort Response Times
Guaranteed Response Times
Priority Response Times
Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
Seamless transition for new and departing staff, ensuring a consistent IT environment and minimising disruption.
Microsoft 365 Administration
Expert management of your Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring optimal setup, security, and performance
Cyber Security Awareness Training
Empower your staff with the knowledge to stay safe online, reducing the risk of security breaches
EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
Safeguard your devices against threats, ensuring the security and integrity of your business data
Cloud Hosted Email Security
Protect your communications from threats and spam, ensuring safe and efficient email correspondence.
Critical Software & Security Updates
Stay updated with the latest patches, ensuring the safety and smooth running of your IT systems
Server Performance Monitoring
Constant surveillance of server health and performance to ensure peak server performance, preventing unexpected downtimes and promoting business continuity
24/7 System Monitoring + Alerts
Continuous oversight of your IT systems, ensuring swift detection and response to potential issues
Daily Backup Monitoring​
Continuous surveillance of daily backup processes to ensure your data is consistently and safely backed up, offering peace of mind and reducing data loss risks
Monthly Executive Reports​
Stay informed about the health and performance of your IT infrastructure, assisting in decision-making and future planning
Standard Operating Environment
A unified computing environment across your organisation that enables consistency across your IT environment, simplifying management, and boosting overall efficiency
Keeper Password Manager
Boost security by using a robust tool to manage and store passwords, ensuring employees don't resort to weak or repeated passwords
Duo Multi Factor Authentication
Enhance account security by requiring a second form of verification, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorised access
DNS Filter Internet Protection
Safeguard your network from harmful or inappropriate websites, ensuring a secure and productive online environment for your staff
Essential 8 Assess & Report
A thorough assessment based on the Australian Government’s Essential Eight cybersecurity strategies, ensuring your business aligns with best practices for IT security
Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
Regular scans to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, ensuring the ongoing protection of your business data and systems
Threatlocker Application Control
Fine-grained control over which applications can run, enhancing security by preventing unauthorised or potentially harmful software

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Managed Service Providers, or for short MSP, are a proactive third-party subscription-based provider that delivers managed business services, such as IT. With Milnsbridge clients benefit from a flexible managed service providers plan designed to meet the IT needs of local businesses in Sydney.

Since 2002 we’ve been delivering cost effective business tech support through continuous improvement and personal service. Get help from our team of IT professionals for all your planning, design, and implementation needs. Our clients enjoy fixed monthly MSP costs and the benefits of having a dedicated IT department.

Other managed service providers in Sydney promise a lot, but only the Milnsbridge IT support team can deliver on those promises in a timely manner according to our service level agreement. Our team of experienced IT consultants will help you focus on your business goals and growing your business.

Why does my business need IT support? Having the best Australian MSP IT support provider for your business ensures you stay ahead of your competitors, increase productivity, reduce downtime, reduce business interruptions, and enhance staff morale.

As a Managed Service Providers with extensive infrastructure experience we will help protect your environment with cutting edge cyber security solutions including ransomware protection. Backup and disaster recovery are now the cornerstone of our cloud offering allowing you to achieve your business objectives.

Our monthly IT infrastructure plans are designed to streamline IT support and increase productivity for growing companies. Learn more insights about IT services plans in our free guide to understanding Managed IT Services pricing.

Why use a cloud service provider? Cloud Service are services that offer management of a client’s cloud services or infrastructure. The Cloud service providers responsibilities can include provisioning, migration, configuration, security, and ongoing maintenance.

Milnsbridge specialise in providing businesses with tailored Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams solutions, Microsoft Azure cloud migrations and consulting services. 

Ongoing Azure cloud infrastructure management services are delivered as a core component of our managed services providers offering. You can be certain that Milnsbridge provides the best technical service profile for all computer environments. 

Our Cloud offerings include computer infrastructure, backup, storage, disaster recovery and unified communications voice services.

Hewlett Packard enables the highest level of day to day business productivity boosted by proactive management services in Australia. A core part of our Managed Service is the provision of computer systems software.

Get advice from our experts on the best HP Business Equipment for your company and budget in Sydney. We have over 21 years of technical experience providing HP Business Equipment to businesses in Sydney.

We recommend and service HP business computer systems to suit the Managing Director, Chief Executive through to Payroll and Frontline Staff. 

Specialising in business and disaster recovery solutions with HP Enterprise & Cloud Backup Services. Our managed service account managers will research and review computer options to ensure you get the best procurement deal on a wide range of the latest technology in HP servers, laptops and desktops.

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Average Response Time
1 Minutes
Cases Resolved Within 1 Hour
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Technical Services Managed Professionally

Leading The Best Managed Service Providers in Australia.

Managed Service For Your Growing Business


All the essentials
$ 69 Monthly
  • 3 Hours Remote Support
  • Support Hours 8am - 5.30pm M-F
  • Best Effort Response Times
  • Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 Administration
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Hosted Email Security
  • Critical Software + Security Updates
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 System Monitoring + Alerts
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Standard Operating Environment


Unlimited Support + Security
$ 89 Monthly
  • Unlimited Remote + Onsite Support
  • Support Hours 8am - 5.30pm M-F
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 Administration
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Hosted Email Security
  • Critical Software + Security Updates
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 System Monitoring + Alerts
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Keeper Password Manager
  • Duo Multi Factor Authentication
  • DNS Filter Internet Protection


Unlimited Support 24x7 + Security
$ 159 Monthly
  • Unlimited Remote + Onsite Support
  • 24 Hours Support - 7 Days a Week
  • Priority Response Times
  • Staff Onboarding + Offboarding
  • Microsoft 365 Administration
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • EDR/Antivirus - Endpoint Protection
  • Cloud Hosted Email Security
  • Critical Software + Security Updates
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 System Monitoring + Alerts
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Essential 8 Assess & Report
  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threatlocker Application Control
  • Keeper Password Manager
  • Duo Multi Factor Authentication
  • DNS Filter Internet Protection