Service Desk Q&A

2 months ago

If you’re a Milnsbridge Managed IT Services customer, chances are that at some point you have called through and spoken with our Service Desk team. The Service Desk team are the first point of contact for our customers. They serve an integral process in solving issues as well as the general day-to-day running of a Managed Services Provider such as Milnsbridge IT. 

How does a service desk differ from a help desk? 

A help desk is reactionary in nature. Typically, it is somewhere you’d call after a problem or an incident. Whilst you may also ring our service desk with an issue or an incident, their responsibilities go much further than just responding to calls. A service desk is the natural evolution of a help desk. However, unlike a help desk, it is proactive in nature. Therefore, the team often work to prevent issues from arising.  

What tasks are the Service Desk team responsible for? 

  • PC, device builds and basic installations in our workshop – as well as a service desk, Milnsbridge also has a workshop. Service desk members take rotational shifts working in the workshop where PC and other devices are assembled and preloaded with profiles and all necessary applications and operating systems. That way when you order a device from Milnsbridge, it is fully operational upon installation. 
  • Monitoring patch management and other automatic updates for successes or issues – although our patch management and system updates are fully automated, our service desk are still responsible for monitoring these processes. Sometimes these automated updates may not run or be successful for some reason, it is up to our service desk to spot these errors and rectify them. 
  • Rolling out manual updates in the case of unforeseen events such as the BlueKeep attacks in 2019 – sometimes outdated operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 can be targeted in cyber attacks. This was the case with the 2019 BlueKeep attacks. Instead of spending days or weeks testing solutions and large-scale rollout fixes, the Service Desk team in this case are responsible for manually fixing the vulnerabilities for our customers as a core part of asset management to resolve incidents and service requests.

The Service Desk team do more than just handle phone calls all day. Here are just some of the many things that a service desk member is responsible for: 

Other tasks include:

  • Management of all incoming cases within a timely completion – when you contact our service desk, a case will be opened and depending on the severity, the case will be assigned a designated level of support (1st,2nd and 3rd). From there, our service desk technicians as well as our engineers strive to resolve your case in a timely manner. 99% of issues are responded to within an hour. Problem management forms the core of the business processes designed to deliver the highest levels of customer service.
  • Management of email security such as block lists and malware – the Service Desk team are also responsible for email security. This includes managing block lists for our customers such as relentless spammers or blocking known email phishing sources. 

What is 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support? 

Our support levels follow the ITIL framework for management processes according to requirements of a service level agreement. 1st level support is typically delegated to our junior technicians. 1st level support generally deals with service request management and low-level administrative processes such as password resets and other quick-fix issues. 2nd level support is typically handled by our senior technicians. This level of support deals with more complex issues than just basic administrative fixes as well as handling server issues. 3rd level support is for more complex matters and are handled by Milnsbridge’s engineers who specialise in problem management. However, just because an engineer is handling your issue does not mean it entirely leaves the Service Desk team’s responsibility. The team are responsible for monitoring 3rd level support also and making sure it is resolved in a timely manner. 

What is the process of calling up the service desk? 

When and if an issue arises, as a customer of Milnsbridge you can call the Service Desk as a single point of contact on 1300 300 293. You will be put through to our Service Desk team where you can explain the issue at hand. From there, your issue will immediately be entered into our service portal and assessed on its required support level, whether that’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd level support. If the case is a quick-fix, 1st level support issue it will be resolved within minutes. However, if the case is slightly more complex it will be researched using our internal knowledge base before being escalated to a senior technician or an engineer. From there, a ticket will be created, and a solution will be achieved in a timely manner. 

What are our satisfaction ratings? 

We pride our service on customer satisfaction, responding in a timely manner and quickly resolving issues. Here are some quick stats that reflect our customer satisfaction: 

  • 99% of service desk cases are responded to within an hour 
  • 95% of service desk cases are resolved and closed within an hour 
  • Milnsbridge customers rate their service desk experience 5/5 

What is the workshop? 

Milnsbridge manage all of your day-to-day IT needs and bigger projects. However, we also can distribute and setup hardware for your business. You will be able to purchase laptops, desktops, tablets as well as other devices through Milnsbridge. It will come to our workshop where members of the service desk. From there we will set it up and install it with all the necessary applications or profiles. Then you can either pick it up from us directly or have us install it for you onsite. This service can give you peace of mind that from start to finish your hardware is receiving the best care from IT experts. 

The service desk in an integral aspect of the inner workings of a Managed Service Provider such as Milnsbridge IT. They are generally your first point of contact when an issue arises. However, they are also responsible for much more behind the scenes such as assembling devices, monitoring email security, knowledge management, and more.  The best IT support Penrith.

These services are just one aspect of Milnsbridge’s fully comprehensive support. In 2022, take your IT seriously and call Milnsbridge on 1300 300 293. 

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