Managed Service Provider: a guide to understanding

4 months ago

Managed Service Provider (MSP) – The future of IT Services. In the past, IT support was viewed as a reactive solution operating on a break fix model. However, as business has become increasingly reliant on information technology, a real-time IT issue puts your increasing productivity, security, data storage, and business at risk. This reliance has seen a shift in business models with IT services companies going from delivering a reactive solution after a problem had occurred to becoming a leading managed services company providing a proactive solution ensuring your day to day IT is always performing at its optimal peak.

Key benefits include reduced operating costs, improve operations with enhanced customer service backed by a service level agreement SLA. Read below to find out more about what exactly an MSP is and 4 reasons why Managed IT support is essential to a business.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

A Managed IT Service Provider is a proactive, third-party, subscription-based service that revolves around providing remote services to small and medium sized businesses and companies such as:

What are the benefits of partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider?

1. Business Stability and Productivity

According to government studies, 1 in 3 businesses have already been the victim of some form of cybercrime. Cybercrime, and by extension, any technical issues can result in business disruption, information loss, revenue loss, disruption to productivity and also equipment damage.

When your IT works, you do too. Productivity is essential to a smooth running and successful business. When your small business incorporates a comprehensive IT support solution, your equipment will always be up to date and patched and you also have access to a helpdesk should an issue arise.

2. Security

IT security is one of the most critical technological aspects that stands between you and cybercrime. A data breach can be detrimental to productivity and can also cause irreparable damage to your business’ reputation.

MSP businesses are increasingly dedicating their focus to Security as a Service (SaaS) and offering comprehensive Managed Security Services to businesses which includes antivirus endpoint protection, firewall protection, threat intelligence and more. This is especially important in light of new compliance laws such as the Notifiable Data Breach laws that were introduced in 2019. Find out more about Milnsbridge’s Managed Security approach.

3. Specialised Team at Your Fingertips

Teaming up with a local Managed IT Service Provider means that you have a team of specialised professionals at your fingertips whereas when using an in-house IT solution, they may have a limited skill set. At Milnsbridge, our Managed IT Services team of engineers encompass a wide variety of skills and specialisations such as experience with working in global corporations, degrees in IT, and training like Microsoft Certifications.

Similarly, as well as access to a team of engineers, partnering with an IT Service Provider also means you receive access to our local helpdesk and workshop team who are on standby to help fix your problems in a timely and efficient manner. 

An example of the benefits of having access to a specialised team is when conducting a cloud migration such as private cloud to public cloud, or from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365. An MSP has technicians on staff who specialise in this area. If internal IT attempts the same project it ends up being very costly and usually with very poor outcomes.

4. Cost Effectiveness

When you partner with an IT Service Provider in Sydney such as Milnsbridge not only are there no lock-in contracts but also you know you’ll be paying a fixed and predictable monthly fee for things such as 24/7 monitoring, local helpdesk support, Next-Gen AntiVirus, engineer on-site maintenance support and more. Generally, Managed IT Services are cheaper than paying one or two in-house IT employee wages and better value because you pay less for an entire team of experts. Our monthly fixed cost support plans allow your business to consistently stay on budget and plan ahead without any surprises.

Managed It Services

How does a Managed IT Service Provider differ from In-House IT?

Some companies opt for in-house IT over a Managed IT Service Provider, however, there can be disadvantages and hidden costs to this arrangement.

Potentially Limited Skill Set

Having one or two people to manage your in-house IT could be potentially limiting the broad range and skillset that an MSP has to offer. We are all familiar with the term “jack of all trades, master of none” which is often a reflection of small internal IT departments.

Partnering with a leading MSP provides access to large team of experts with skills and certifications across a wide range of IT services including remote support, cyber security, and data centre management. Outsourcing also eliminates any potential HR issues and helps to reduce the headcount.

Issues with Increasing Productivity

Similarly, an in-house IT person will be paid for hours they may not necessarily have to use if there are no issues to resolve or projects to work on. Questions also arise when internal IT staff are sick or taking extended periods of leave.

Sydney businesses with internal IT support also report major disruptions when staff change mainly due to lack of documentation and standards by their predecessor. Working with an MSP like Milnsbridge ensures business continuity due to our focus on documentation and implementing a standard operating environment (SOE).

Less Room for Innovation and Progress

MSPs are made up of people passionate about information technology services, who often spend their free time researching the latest trends and implementing this passion and knowledge into their careers whereas an in-house IT person may find themselves to be too buried under work to implement the latest technology and practices which include network unified communications.

Reducing IT risks proactively is the key to uninterrupted productivity and smooth running business operations. Partnering with a IT Managed Service Provider in Sydney such as Milnsbridge IT can greatly benefit your business by giving it a competitive edge, not only in the office but also in the new world of working from home.

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