Why It’s Time to Switch to the Hybrid Cloud

2 years ago

Over the past few years, cloud servers have rivaled the traditional in-house server. Is one better than the other? No, in fact, to achieve the best results and the most cost-effective solution; often, in-house servers should be used in conjunction with cloud services and solutions (i.e Office 365). This is known as the Hybrid Cloud.

The issue

Many new MSP’s have been “born in the cloud” and most don’t have the hardware integration skills to provide hybrid solutions. This means that as a business you may only receive Cloud server options. The issue with this is that whilst the cloud is a great innovation, it is not a cost-effective asset compared to a hybrid cloud solution. Conversely, traditional IT hardware resellers don’t have the cloud capability to provide hybrid cloud solutions either. Long-standing MSP’s have the hardware and cloud capabilities to build a hybrid cloud environment for your business.

What makes the Hybrid Cloud ideal for the workplace environment?

A hybrid cloud solution gives your business the flexibility to upscale and downscale depending on what is needed. As working offsite becomes more common, employees need to access information and applications with ease when they’re offsite. An MSP that only provides cloud solutions can lock your data into a cloud service. This means your data is inextricably out of your hands. A hybrid cloud solution can provide the benefits of the cloud whilst maintaining control of your data with an in-house server.

Having a combination of both in-house infrastructure and a cloud service allows your business to maximise their IT investments. According to a survey of businesses that recently upgraded to a hybrid cloud environment reduced their IT costs by 24%.

There are no perceivable disadvantages from upgrading to a hybrid cloud system.
Not only does this reduce overall expenditure but it can reduce downtime and maximise efficiency and productivity.

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