5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

2 months ago

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Businesses are dynamic, you need an IT solution that can offers you security and a competitive advantage whilst also being cost-effective and keeping the business running smoothly. There are a number of long term benefits of Managed IT Support compared to traditional break fix support.

  1. Reduce Security Risks:

1 in 3 Australian businesses have experienced some type of cyber security breach (malware, malicious insider etc). These types of attacks can virtually be avoidable with proper monitoring and security standards. Managed IT Services is a proactive investment reduce risk, being unprepared for a security breach or attack can be disastrous and expensive. Our real time remote monitoring capability significantly reduces risks. 

  1. Cost Effective:

Managed IT Services are flexible. Today’s business environment is dynamic and ever-changing. Investing in Managed IT Services gives you the freedom to easily scale your support and infrastructure. Similarly, our workshop and maintenance services increase equipment lifespan which rest assured saves you having to re-purchase costly equipment.

  1. Competitive Advantage:

Larger companies typically have the ability to hire an entire in-house IT team. This is a luxury many businesses simply cannot afford. Luckily, Managed IT Services offer businesses a whole team of IT experts at their fingertips for a fixed, monthly cost. Through this, Managed IT Services level the playing field between SMB’s and larger business.

  1. Increase All-Round Productivity:

In-House IT staff can get too busy with big projects, maintenance issues or simply taking their leave. Alternatively, if you don’t have any sort of IT support, when your system crashes, your employees can’t work and therefore aren’t making the business any money. Is this a risk you can afford to take? When outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider, there are specific teams for projects, maintenance, and support services.

  1. Predictable Monthly Costs:

Businesses need a suitable network system and storage which can be extremely costly to tackle on their own. Similarly, the cost of hiring and training someone for in-house IT support can be huge and time-consuming. Opting to outsource your IT to a reputable IT company means there won’t be any unexpected costs or increases in operating expenses. It also means that small businesses can break down their costs into fixed monthly payments rather than the large cost that comes with running systems in-house.

If you want to watch your business grow by outsourcing to an MSP, now is the time to act. Milnsbridge Managed IT Services offer a range of benefits which you can read about here.

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