WFH Work From Home: Remote Access Networks & Infrastructure

2 years ago

The Coronavirus pandemic changed lives across the globe and continues to impact us several months after the initial worldwide outbreak. This forced most business into a work from home scenario. Consequently, this put their IT infrastructure and remote access networks to the ultimate test. Moreover, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have not only revolutionised Managed IT Services, but it has also cemented the industry’s prominence in an increasingly online world. 

Putting infrastructure to the ultimate test 

When mandatory lockdowns were announced in March, some non-essential businesses may have struggled to smoothly transition to working from home. This was due to sub-par IT management and infrastructure. For the first time in the tech age, thousands of the work force needed adequate enterprise systems in their homes. The general goal was to work as they would in an office. People’s home computers or laptops may be old, running old operating systems (such as Windows 7). These factors could put their infrastructure, and your business’ data at extreme risk of cybercrime. Moreover, Coronavirus related cyber crime sky rocketed by 667% during the lockdowns. 

Remote Access Networks 

Similarly, as well as access to adequate infrastructure, access to remote networks was also necessary. People working from home needed adequate remote access networks to promote productive and collaborative work whilst at home. These remote access networks also ensured that if someone were using a personal device to connect to public company folders or other collateral that there would be little chance of a potential malware attack. 

Managed IT Services revolutionised? 

Arguably, managed IT services became one of the most imperative tools to a business transferring to a work from home scenario. Thereby cementing the industries prominence in the pandemic and lockdown events this year. As questions begin to be raised about the permanency of working from home scenarios and remote working solutions, managed IT services emerge as the most viable and sensible option for businesses.  

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