The Cloud and Working From Home

3 months ago

The global Coronavirus pandemic forced almost all businesses into a work-from-home scenario during the initial lockdowns. Consequently, this created a huge demand for cloud services in order to accommodate a smooth transition into working from home. A synergy report found that cloud infrastructure services spending grew 33% in Q3 of 2020. This is due to governments, businesses, schools and other institutions become increasingly reliant on cloud-based services. 

Coronavirus and Work from Home

What are the benefits of cloud services and working from home? 

As the world went into lockdown, businesses were forced to quickly find work-from-home solutions. Cloud services rapidly adapted to be suitable for working remotely, here are some of the benefits of running a cloud-based office. 


Cloud collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365 have become a vital tool to the work-from-home arrangement. Cloud-based productivity applications give employees access to the data and information they would get working in the office.


Team collaboration is the first aspect to suffer when working remotely which can lead to a loss of general productivity. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case when a cloud-based office is harnessed. Cloud-based applications such as Microsoft Office 365 allow teams to work on the same file or document in real time without the need of being in the same office.


Security is easily managed on one centralised office space. However, working from home means that your businesses data is being accessed by multiple people in different areas and on different types of connections. Cloud-based security can ensure the protection of users’ endpoint devices as well as your businesses data. Read our guide on working from home safely.

The work-from-home shift has been incredibly tough on businesses and employees alike. However, the adoption of cloud services and cloud-based applications has promoted a new collaborative, hybrid work environment driven by the cloud.  

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