SSD v HDD: Which One is Best for Your Business?

2 years ago

Picking between a solid state drive (SSD) and a hard drive disk (HDD) doesn’t just come down to cost. Choosing the right storage for your business PC is also dependent on the speed, performance, reliability, and power usage. Ultimately the goal is productivity, SSD’s are quickly becoming the option most businesses are turning to. Read more to find out why.

What is a Solid State Drive and a Hard Disk Drive?

A hard disk drive is the traditional storage solution for PC’s. It’s made up on spinning disks inside where data is stored magnetically. Other parts of the HDD read and write data to the disk. Alternatively, a solid state drive has no moving parts. Without the need for a spinning disk, SSD’s can be ultra-thin and light.

Business Benefits of Solid State Drives

Whilst in general, a solid state drive is a good addition to any PC, they are particularly beneficial for business PC’s. Here’s what makes solid state drives valuable to business practices

Speed – Solid state drives are estimated to be more than 100x quicker than hard disk drives. This results in faster boot times, application loading times and other performance benefits

Reliability – Unlike an HDD, an SSD doesn’t use moving parts. This means if you drop your laptop accidentally you’re highly unlikely to destroy the drive. Essentially, this means an SSD is far more durable, resistant, and travel-friendly which is perfect for mobile workers.

Better battery life – SSD’s are more than twice as energy efficient as an HDD. This is an essential benefit for a mobile workforce who are restrained by their pc’s battery life.

Noise reduction – Similarly, no moving parts means that an SSD makes little to no noise at all compared to an HDD which is considerably noisy in comparison.

SSD’s & servers – SSD’s can also be a powerful addition to a server. Too many employees simultaneously trying to access data from a server can stretch the hard drive to its limits. Servers that use an SSD are easier to access information, thereby increasing office-wide productivity whilst also reducing pressure on your server.

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