The Importance of Cloud Backup to your Business

1 year ago

As cyber-attacks continue to sophisticate in nature, more businesses are finding themselves the victims of ransomware and other forms of cyber crime. A comprehensive Managed Cloud Backup solution and Disaster Recovery service can protect your business from costly and potentially catastrophic downtime.

The Importance of Cloud Backup

Whilst the main lure of managed online backup solutions is its cost-effectiveness, the benefits are numerous. Cloud backup is more reliable than other services as its consistently monitored by Milnsbridge. It also means, should a disaster happen, your data can easily be restored, thereby minimising downtime.

Cloud backups are also flexible by nature, there’s no need for costly on-premise infrastructure. Similarly, you can scale your needs up and down depending on your usage. The Importance of Cloud Backup cannot be underestimated.

Managed Cloud Backup alleviates you from time consuming research, installation, setting up server backup software and other aspects of running your own backup. With Managed Backup, Milnsbridge takes care of all the difficult aspects. As well as this, we provide constant monitoring and reports for you to see the status of your backups.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can strike a business at any time whether it be a physical disaster such as a fire, a flood, or a cyber crime attack such as ransomware. The Australian government cyber security initiative estimates that there are hundreds of thousands of attacks each year. This figure will increase dramatically as coronavirus-themed phishing scams and attacks targeting those working from home continues to rise. Downtime caused by disaster can irreparably damage your data, reputation, customer relationships and income.

There are two popular forms of ransomware: locker-ware and crypto-ware. Locker-ware is where the attack will use your passwords and other credentials to lock you out of your device or network. Crypto-ware encrypts your data rendering your data unreadable and unusable. In exchange for releasing your data or device, the attack will ask for a ransom in money or crypto-currency. There is never a guarantee that by doing this, you will get your data back. Similarly, by interacting with the attack you are inevitably extending your downtime.

However, a Disaster Recovery service will enable you to fully recover your server’s data using daily snapshots taken by Milnsbridge.

Office 365 Mailbox Backup

Whilst Microsoft provide powerful services within the Office 365 platform, a comprehensive backup solution of your email is not one of them. Milnsbridge provides the option of a Managed Office 365 email backup which includes 7 years of retention. This also backs up every 4 hours for peace of mind. This service is becoming increasing popular as Office 365 outlook and exchange email hacking and spoofing continues to rise. If, for some reason, your Office 365 account is compromised and you lose all your email data and history, Milnsbridge can restore your emails from up to 7 years.

A secure backup system is essential to any business especially as the threat of cyber crime continues to grow and sophisticate. It also safeguards your business against lengthy and catastrophic downtime. As well as this, it protects your business from breaching laws such as the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.

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