Email Spoofing & Microsoft Teams Phishing Scam

Phishing Image

The transition to working from home due to Covid-19 has seen a surge in the dependence on cloud-based collaboration platforms. Microsoft reported the number of daily Teams users jumped from 44 million at the end of March to 75 million by the end of April. The increasing reliance on platforms such has teams has made […]

BlueKeep and Emotet Attacks: Explained

BlueKeep Malware

A number of trojan and malware attacks have hit Australia throughout October and November. Most notably, the BlueKeep and Emotet attacks. An unpatched exploit is affecting PCs running old Windows software which has been colloquially dubbed BlueKeep. Although Microsoft has released a patch for this exploit back in May, it’s estimated millions of PCs are […]

SentinelOne: Next Gen Antivirus

Next Gen Anti Virus

In the coming year, SentinelOne Endpoint Protection will be rolled out to Milnsbridge customers. As a part of re-evaluating our standard operating environment (SOE), it is time to make the migration to Next Gen Antivirus (NGAV) from traditional antivirus software, which has effectively become redundant. What is Traditional Antivirus and why is it failing? Traditional […]

Introducing Passportal


Milnsbridge will be rolling out Passportal to its managed customers at the beginning of next year as a new addition to the Milnsbridge Secure Operating Environment (MSOE) approach. Passportal is a cloud-based password management tool that allows you to securely store your various usernames and passwords. Passportal is also accessible through browser extensions & add-ons […]

Why MSP’s are turning to threat hunting

Threat hunting

Managed service providers have entered a new era of cybersecurity. Traditional security management tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) are effective for identifying known threats. However, defensive security tools are no longer a match for the ever-growing and ever-sophisticating hacking tools. defines cyber threat hunting as “a security strategy centred on […]

SolarWinds Empower MSP Conference – Atlanta

Atlanta Image

Earlier this month, we attended the SolarWinds ‘Empower MSP’ conference in Atlanta. This year’s conference had a particular focus on end-customer security. The featured keynote speakers were Erik Qualman and Eric O’Neil. Erik Qualman spoke about living in a ‘post-privacy world’ in which privacy is dead. Eric O’Neil was a key figure in helping capture […]

Office 365 Hack – What to Watch For

Office 365 hack

In a nutshell: An Office 365 hack epidemic has swept through the country this month. This type of hack happens when a user’s account is compromised through a tactic called account takeover (ATO). Using your email, the hackers then send malicious emails to people on your contact list in the form of suspicious links. These […]

July Security Fails

security fails

Whilst outages happen all the time, it seems a few of the biggest services had blackouts this month leaving lots of frustrated people. This July saw the outage of MyGov at the height of tax return season and the passport e-gates outage that left thousands of passengers waiting for hours. MyGov: Since mid-morning on Thursday, […]

Microsoft Password Expiration Policy Set to Change

Password Expiration

Microsoft announced in a recent blog post that they will be reconsidering their stance on password expiration policy for Windows users. For years Microsoft encouraged administrators to expire users’ passwords every few weeks. The initiative was thought to have made it harder for credentials to be stolen. However, Microsoft Principal Consultant Aaron Margosis identified foreseeable […]

Windows 7: End of Life

windows 7 end of life

After its initial release in 2009, Windows 7 will no longer be supported after January 14th, 2020. Mainstream support ended in 2015 which meant new features and warranty were stopped. However, after January 14th, 2020, although Windows 7 will still run, there will be no more extended support from Microsoft or security patches (updates) which […]