SharePoint File Server – An Online Alternative to File Servers

1 year ago

What is SharePoint Online? 

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based application included in the Microsoft Suite and your Microsoft 365 subscription. SharePoint is a collaborative web based tool that is typically used by companies to create websites, teams. However, it also can be a secure way to store, organise and share files from any device. As the need for a centralised, secure and flexible file storage solution becomes more apparent, SharePoint emerges as a viable alternative to traditional file servers. 

What is a File Server? 

A file server solution encompasses both software and hardware elements to provide users file shares, mapped drives and shared drives to store their files. Whilst local file servers have been a mainstay in business operations, there are limitations of this system. The major downsides of having a traditional file server solution include its inability to scale the local network depending on your business’s needs. Other issues include the difficulty of maintaining the server itself. So, whilst file server solutions have their pros, they are not the best alternative for a small business looking for a flexible and cost effective storage solution requiring IT support

SharePoint Online for File Storage 

SharePoint Online has become a viable alternative to traditional file storage, particularly for small businesses. This service is for businesses who are wanting to take their file storage and sharing abilities to a bigger, more sophisticated scale. Here are some benefits of adopting a SharePoint online server storage solution: 

  • SharePoint Online and Azure Active Directory are included in most Office 365 plans already. 
  • You can access your files from anywhere, from many mobile device with familiar folder structures. 
  • It allows you to easily collaborate and share files with your team and external parties in real time using team sites. 
  • No costly infrastructure. 
  • 1TB of storage included but this can be scaled up depending on your business’s needs (at cost). 
  • Flexible document management system including SharePoint lists.
  • Provides a cost effective storage solution for small businesses
  • Milnsbridge Managed Office 365 backup also covers SharePoint document libraries and provides a one year retention. 
  • Great alternative to on premises servers with extra features including SharePoint sites.

As more and more line-of-business applications move to cloud-based hosting, the need for on-the-go and accessible data grows. This is why traditional filing system solutions are not entirely robust and flexible compared to cloud solutions such as a SharePoint File Server.  

If you’re considering switching to a SharePoint online storage solution for your business, call Milnsbridge Managed IT Services today for a quote on migration to Sharepoint Online and File Servers on 1300 300 293.  

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