Introducing Passportal

3 years ago

Milnsbridge will be rolling out Passportal to its managed customers at the beginning of next year as a new addition to the Milnsbridge Secure Operating Environment (MSOE) approach. Passportal is a cloud-based password management tool that allows you to securely store your various usernames and passwords. Passportal is also accessible through browser extensions & add-ons and also through mobile apps.

How does it work?

Passportal safely stores all of your personal and business credentials on a centralised vault. You can access this vault across all of your devices using your individual login and organisation key. The organisation key is set by you and unique to your business. This makes it safer to access your Passportal as there are three types of verification needed to log in. On top of that, we highly recommend setting up two-factor authentication on Passportal for an extra layer of security. From there you can import all of your credentials into the vault, similarly, you can also import business credentials such as your cloud accounting log in (Xero, MYOB). Next time you go to log in to this website, Passportal will auto-fill the saved credentials.

Why does my business need Passportal?

Small and medium-sized businesses are one of the most targeted groups for hackers. This is because not only do these businesses have access to sensitive information but they also generally don’t have secure passwords or password storage systems. In fact, it is estimated that 81% of company data breaches are due to poor passwords.

 Passportal combats
two main issues:    

  • Users tend to choose easy passwords in order
    to remember them

One of the easiest ways hackers can gain access to accounts is through easy to guess passwords. Even if that user is forced to reset their password every so often, it is highly likely they will keep the same password and change a variant of it. E.g. password1 becomes password2. Because Passportal allows you to safely store and access passwords, you can use more complex passwords. Passportal can also generate complex passwords if you’re creating a new account.

  • Passportal can also combat corporate

Another statistic predicts that 89% of former employees admit to retaining access to at least one application from their previous place of employment. Furthermore, 49% admit to accessing these applications after they were terminated. With Passportal your employees will never have to know the password to your business applications because these credentials are auto-filled. The passwords and who has access to them are only controlled by the vault administrators allowing you to restrict access immediately if required.

Benefits of Passportal

  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • It saves time with instant credential insertion—no more remembering lists of passwords.
  • You can centrally control employee access to systems, so only those who are allowed to have access to the credentials will be able to use them.
  • Easily terminate access to all systems following an employee’s departure.
  • Track and record all system access to help meet compliance audit requirements.

How does Passportal differ from free password storage solutions?

As with storing your passwords on a OneNote, text document or on your phone – free password storage solutions are dangerous. Passportal is designed by Managed Service Providers for Managed Service Providers and their customers. This means this product is specifically designed for business usage, whereas free password storage solutions are not. These solutions do not offer one centralised service that everyone shares company-wide. Moreover, they do not enable comprehensive usage tracking and auditing.

Passportal will make password maintenance easier and more secure for your business as you will not need to share important credentials with everyone. It is also user-friendly as Passportal is a browser extension that auto-fills credentials, this allows you to set stronger and more complex passwords as you won’t need to memorise them. We look forward to rolling this out to our customers and reinforcing a more secure working environment going forward.

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