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5 months ago

The password as we know it, is dead. It is no longer enough to trust a string of characters to safeguard your invaluable business data. Security measures are rapidly developing to stay one step ahead of attackers and to better protect your online accounts. Over the last few months, Milnsbridge has rolled out SentinelOne Next-Generation Anti-Virus and Passportal to our customers. Next, we will be introducing Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication.

Below is a FAQ on Duo Security and on Multi-Factor Authentication in general.

What is Duo Security?

Duo Security is a cloud-based multi-factor authentication provider. It will be a part of our new security plans that are currently in development.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication adds extra layers of security to your online accounts. After entering your password, your authenticator app will confirm your identity by sending a push notification to your device. The idea of authentication prevents anyone but you from logging into your accounts, even if they have your password.

  1. The user logs in to their account with their user name and password.
  2. If the credentials are correct, the user becomes eligible for the second factor.
  3. The authentication server sends a unique code to the user’s second-factor device (mobile, smart watch etc.)
  4. The user confirms their identity by approving the authentication from their second-factor device.

Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication?

Using passwords as the only line of defence is no longer an option. As data breaches become more and more commonplace, it is now becoming easier for attackers to compromise hundreds of thousands of accounts. Multi-factor authentication is now an essential aspect of web security because it counteracts the risks associated with compromised passwords and accounts.

SMS-based two-factor authentication has been heavily targeted by attackers. For example, the Modlishka phishing tool can intercept SMS-based two-factor authentication tokens; essentially allowing attackers to bypass authentication when it’s through text confirmation. The strongest forms of authentication are mobile push-based (through the Duo app) and universal security keys, however that is the more complex of the two.

Businesses will need to rely on a dynamic approach to security, built from a variety of tools and practices. Purely relying on the strength of a password makes you more susceptible to an attack. Milnsbridge’s managed security as a service (SaaS) relies on a host of tools and methods for comprehensive protection for your valuable business data.

To speak to Milnsbridge about Duo Security and our other managed services, call us today on 1300 300 293.

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