2020 Business IT Trends

5 months ago

2020 Business IT Support Trends

Over the last several years, we have seen a lack in variation in technology trends. The cloud, edge computing and mobility trends have dominated previous years. However, in 2020, technological advances by IT companies in Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things Devices introduces some variety to the latest IT support trends to ring in the new decade.


Managed security has had to consistently improve in order to keep up with the ever-changing nature of cyber-threats. We will see this come to the forefront in 2020, particularly in the form of centralised security for businesses.

2020 will see the rise of Next-Generation Anti-virus software and the fall of Traditional Anti-Virus software (TAV). TAV uses a set of rules and characteristics to identify known cyber-threats or their variations. Whereas NGAV uses machine learning and data science to better detect and prevent endpoint devices from the full spectrum of modern cyber-threats. Read more about SentinelOne.

Similarly, human error remains a large factor in cyber-attacks. Businesses are expected to prioritise security measures such as password management in 2020. One example of this is SolarWinds’ Passportal which allows businesses and endpoint users to safely store passwords in a centralised vault. This means businesses can employ more strict password policies without needing to remember them or unsafely store them elsewhere. To read more about Passportal click Passportal Link.

AI & Machine Learning:

Whilst AI and Machine Learning is commonly seen as something to help people, the real benefit will be for business as a modern extension of the industrial revolution. 2020 will see businesses start to adopt AI applications to boost productivity, allowing businesses to reduce human error and maintain consistency.

A report by Gartner says that in 2020 the number of AI and ML business projects will grow from 4 to 10. However, businesses will need to address the problems that can arise with the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Specifically, the integrity of these applications to make the right decisions and actions. One solution that is being put into practice is the use of the blockchain. The blockchain will manage the actions of AI and ML to provide a publicly available register of its actions.

Internet of Things Devices:

With the introduction of 5G in Australia, IoT devices (or smart devices), are set to rise. This will inevitably enable businesses to improve productivity across industries. IoT devices prove that technology is continually advancing, benefiting us in both business and in our personal lives.

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