The Desktop is Dead

2 years ago

The Digital Age is redefining how we work. The workplace has become dynamic, people no longer work in the same spot 9-5, five days a week. The traditional desktop set-up can no longer keep up with the demands of a modern-day workplace.

What caused the move to a mobilised workforce, is this a bad thing?

More people are opting for laptops and tablets as their preferred work device. 
Laptops and tablets are mobile, they allow you to work on the go. This perk is extremely handy for people who don’t work in an office setting (i.e. industrial or construction sites) or who don’t spend their day at their desk. The migration from desk-based work is a growing trend which means people need the technology to freely move around.

An IDC Study found that in 2017 only 97.8 million desktops were sold. Comparatively, 161.6 million laptops and 141.8 million tablets were sold the same year. Experts have predicted desktop sales will decline further.

Cloud computing

The Cloud isn’t a new concept, however, its role in mobilising the workforce is pivotal. The Cloud allows users to freely pick up where they left off with their work across a range of devices, rather than being restricted to one clunky device. The combination of laptops/tablets and Cloud computing has made working on the go a breeze, especially with enterprise file sharing systems where users can access and collaborate on files wherever they are.

Mobile Devices

One of the key drivers in the growth of enterprise mobility has been the continued improvement in performance and battery life enabling mobile devices to compete with desktops whilst providing dynamic functionality which a desktop cannot do.

Managed Wi-Fi and Mobile Devices

Distributed and Managed Wi-Fi networks have also played a role in the migration from static computing to mobilised computing. For example, on a school campus with Managed Wi-Fi and Access Points, staff and students can freely move from class to class with their laptops and tablets.

The modern-day desktop is not dead or obsolete; however, it is impossible to deny that there is a growing trend of people who prefer to work with laptops and tablets for the sake of mobility and ease. The combination of enhanced mobile data networks and distributed managed Wi-Fi has allowed mobile workers to truly cut the cable and work freely.

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