IT Security and WannaCry

2 years ago

IT Security has been something consistently overlooked by many small businesses due to the previously perceived benign threat.

The emergence and widespread damage caused by RansomWare attacks such as WannaCry encryting entire networks is now apparent with nearly everyone we talk to knowing somebody whose business has been hit. Except clients of Milnsbridge Managed IT Services that is!

Thanks to our layered security approach we are proud to still be able to report a Zero infection rate across our entire customer base.
We don’t wait until it gets to your desktop, by then its in the hands of the end user and whilst education helps, the goal is to prevent it ever getting that far.

If you’re concerned about your security, especially if you’re concerned whether you actually have valid backups (critical to recovery from a crypto attack), please get in touch and learn how we can help protect your business.

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