Office 365 Hack – What to Watch For

Office 365 hack

In a nutshell: An Office 365 hack epidemic has swept through the country this month. This type of hack happens when a user’s account is compromised through a tactic called account takeover (ATO). Using your email, the hackers then send malicious emails to people on your contact list in the form of suspicious links. These […]

July Security Fails

security fails

Whilst outages happen all the time, it seems a few of the biggest services had blackouts this month leaving lots of frustrated people. This July saw the outage of MyGov at the height of tax return season and the passport e-gates outage that left thousands of passengers waiting for hours. MyGov: Since mid-morning on Thursday, […]

Microsoft Password Expiration Policy Set to Change

Password Expiration

Microsoft announced in a recent blog post that they will be reconsidering their stance on password expiration policy for Windows users. For years Microsoft encouraged administrators to expire users’ passwords every few weeks. The initiative was thought to have made it harder for credentials to be stolen. However, Microsoft Principal Consultant Aaron Margosis identified foreseeable […]

Windows 7: End of Life

windows 7 end of life

After its initial release in 2009, Windows 7 will no longer be supported after January 14th, 2020. Mainstream support ended in 2015 which meant new features and warranty were stopped. However, after January 14th, 2020, although Windows 7 will still run, there will be no more extended support from Microsoft or security patches (updates) which […]

Ways Your Business Can Avoid Cybercrime


Cybercrime attacks come in various forms (malware, ransomware etc.). Whilst it’s hard to imagine, cybercrime attacks can happen anytime to any size business. A government report shows that 33% of Australian businesses have experienced some type of cybercrime. This week we’ll discuss some of the best security practices to help evade cybercrime attacks and the […]

Y2K: The Disaster That Never Happened


20 years ago, whilst the whole world was preparing for the new millennium; thousands of computer technicians’ worldwide had been working to reprogram every computer to read 4 digit dates (e.g. 1999) instead of two digit dates (e.g. 99). This week we look back at the Y2K problem and remember the disaster that never happened. […]

Google+ Data Breach

Data breaches are becoming more prevalent. Last week, the Wall Street Journal revealed internal memos about a security vulnerability in which third-party developers could access data from over 500,000 Google+ accounts. This data included usernames, occupation, date of birth, gender and more. Google upholds that no actual information was scraped and that it was only […]

The Consequences of Corporate Data Loss

Data Loss

Data loss can occur at any time to any size organisation and it can be disastrous for your business. Data loss is an event that results in data being compromised, deleted or made inaccessible by a user or malicious software. This is why maintaining backups and security are important in keeping your business running smoothly. […]

Facebook Data Breach: Now is the time to review your digital footprint

Facebook Data Breach - review your digital footprint

It’s been just over a month since the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach was exposed in an article in The Guardian. The article implied personal data had been improperly obtained and used for targeting political advertising in the latest U.S presidential campaign. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a new tactic, the incriminating aspect, in this case, […]

IPv4 Issues and Migration to IPv6

IPV6 Migration

The inevitable is occurring, we are running out of IPv4 addresses, it is now time to seriously consider IPv6 and we must migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. This article addresses and answers some of the more pressing questions regarding IPv4 to IPv6 migration. What is IPv4? IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol Version 4. IPv4 provides […]