Milnsbridge 2018 Wishes

4 years ago

2018 wishes and the year ahead

Just when you’ve finally got comfortable writing 2018 as the date you then discover that its February already. This is indeed a fast paced world we are now living in with the speed of technological and social change accelerating at an ever-increasing pace.

Among the biggest changes we’re are going to see this year is the maturation of Hardware as a Service (HAAS). The challenges in reliably delivering and managing HAAS have been eliminated, seeing HAAS extending to a much broader range of IT equipment including Desktop PCs. Stay tuned for new announcements this year from Milnsbridge on these new offerings aimed at further stabilising your IT budget and ensuring the highest levels of productivity from staff.

The Elephant in the room this year is without doubt Crypto Assets, better known as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zencash, and similar alternative coins. Whilst turbulence and volatility are expected to continue, they have been doing so at an ever increasingly less volatile basis which I expect to continually improve. As confidence and regulation increase, the exciting use cases for Cryptographic coins and tokens, available from the underlying blockchains, will become more mainstream and extend beyond the current Crypto Bubble Hyperbole.

As a thought leader in Managed IT Services, Milnsbridge is preparing for the future and I hope you will join us and help make all our businesses more successful.

Adrian Weir

Chairman – Milnsbridge Managed IT Services

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