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Why now is the best time to outsource your IT

As a business begins to grow and become more profitable every business owner at one stage will have to decide whether they need In-House IT or whether to outsource to a Managed Service Provider like Milnsbridge IT.
Whilst in theory, in-house IT seems like the more suitable option many potential issues arise from having an in-house IT helpdesk, here are some cons:



The cost of hiring an IT professional along with sick leave, holidays and superannuation almost always outweighs the cost of outsourced IT. Depending on how large your business is you may need to hire more than one IT person. Is this an expense your business can afford?



What happens when your IT person goes on holiday, has a sick day or simply goes home for the day? The work piles up for them to work through when they return. Outsourcing your IT means you have a dedicated team of staff on call if anything goes wrong, at Milnsbridge there is also 24×7 support available if you require out of business hours support.



Depending on the training and number of staff your business has, work can pile up quickly and some of the issues may not be solvable by your IT person. One of the many benefits of outsourced IT is that there are different departments that run different things, i.e. a helpdesk for immediate support, engineers for onsite support and maintenance visits and sales for purchasing new equipment for your business.


Outsourcing your IT needs means you have a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals on call. Outsourced IT gives you a competitive advantage and allows you as a business owner to focus on the more important things and leave the IT to us.

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