Ways Your Business Can Avoid Cybercrime

3 years ago

Cybercrime attacks come in various forms (malware, ransomware etc.). Whilst it’s hard to imagine, cybercrime attacks can happen anytime to any size business. A government report shows that 33% of Australian businesses have experienced some type of cybercrime. This week we’ll discuss some of the best security practices to help evade cybercrime attacks and the detrimental effect these attacks can have on a business when they’re not properly equipped.

Strict Password Policy

When you create a password for your work computer you should avoid generic or common passwords that are easy to guess. Otherwise, it would be very easy for someone to access your computer and company data.
Here at Milnsbridge, we recommend using a 14+ character password. The password should include a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters. The more complex a password is, the harder it is for hackers and malware to penetrate it.

Email & Spam Filtering

Investing in a spam filtering service for your business can protect you from email-borne cyber-attacks. An email filtering service attempts to identify harmful and spam emails by recognising suspicious word patterns and frequency. The Milnsbridge IT spam filtration system filters an average of 13,000 emails containing spam and malicious blocked content daily.

Managed Security

When you partner with a Managed Service Provider such as Milnsbridge, one of the many benefits include Managed Security services. Some of the benefits of Milnsbridge’s Managed Security include:

  • Password policy management (including regular review)
  • Email and spam filtering
  • Firewall management
  • Security Patch Management (Microsoft updates)
  • Managed AV and Malware protection
  • Incident management and threat reports
  • Data storage and protection

When your business isn’t properly equipped for a cybercrime attack, it can be disastrous. According to a government study, a successful cyber-attack can cost approximately $270,000; this includes downtime costs, data recovery etc. Is this an expense your business can afford?

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