Scheduled Cloud Computing Backups

Ensure your data is secure, accessible and retrievable.

Milnsbridge's Cloud Computing Service Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

The concept of backups has changed significantly over recent years moving from being simply a virtual insurance policy against disaster recovery to becoming a resource which is leveraged by cloud computing on a regular basis for rapid restoration of corrupted or lost files for example.

New technologies and processes now allow us to store your backup data on live internal storage for instant access, on removable media for long term archiving and offsite storage, and in the Cloud for remote storage and protection from onsite events such as fire or burglary.

End to End Protection

Our Managed Backup service consists of a complete End-to-End solution including:

In nearly all cases your Managed Backup solution will require physical hardware as a part of the solution. To reduce upfront expenses and hardware management we will supply and maintain the equipment as part of the program. In most cases this includes a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit for local storage of backup images.

With our Managed Backup service you don’t need to worry about trying to choose the right backup software, we’ll do that for you.

Included in the program is the right to use our backup software on all protected devices on your network, we’ll even maintain and upgrade it as required to make sure it keeps protecting your data.

No matter what you’re needs are our, Managed Backup software will deliver. File Backup, Disk Imaging, Disk to Disk, Disk to Tape, Disk to USB, Disk to Disk to Tape/USB to Cloud… Any way you want to slice or dice it we can help make it happen, and best of all its included in the monthly cost.

Cloud backup is a natural extension of the onsite backup regime and provides a safe a secure method of storing backups offsite.

Cloud backups are stored in the Milnsbridge Private Cloud facility located near the Sydney CBD. In the event of a complete disaster or loss of all onsite equipment we can restore your data online.

The key component of our Managed Cloud Backup service is Data Deduplication, which means we only send very small amounts of encrypted data to the Cloud which reduces the strain on your vital business internet connections. It works by only transferring new blocks of data, and then only if no other Managed Cloud Backup customer has any similar blocks of data it can reuse, dramatically minimising data usage.

All servicing, support, monitoring and minor file restorations are all included in the monthly fee. On a daily basis we’ll make sure the whole solution is working as intended or we’ll fix it for free. You’ll also receive a complete overview of how the backups are running in your monthly Executive Summary report provided by Milnsbridge.


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