Managed Online Backup

With best in class cloud based server backup solutions, our Managed Backup Solutions are fully automated requiring no tapes, external drives or user intervention; ask about our cloud disaster recovery option!!

Encrypted and secure online backup recovery points are stored in Australian to ensure geo-compliance. In the event of a complete disaster or complete loss of equipment, we can restore your data into the cloud providing business continuity with minimal downtime.

Managed Backup Services are tailored to your business needs including frequency of backup and the length of time files will be retained, and solutions are complimented by Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Backup, OneDrive and Sharepoint Online Backup Solutions. Server backup software is provided as part of this offsite backup solution.


Managed Backup Solutions & Office 365 Backup

Discover How Our Online Backup Solution Protects Your On-Premise & Cloud Based Servers, Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes, OneDrive and Sharepoint Data

Monthly Reporting

Have the peace of mind knowing your business data is safe with detailed monthly offsite backup reports sent to you automatically

Offsite Backup Solution

Backup recovery points are automatically stored in the cloud allowing for quick and seamless data restoration from any location


Encrypted server backup recovery points are securely stored in the cloud, ensuring your data can be safely and securely restored

Fully Automated

Manual backups can be time-consuming and prone to human error; An Online Cloud Backup System provides automatic uploads to give you peace of mind

Eliminates Onsite Backup

Onsite backups can leave your business data vulnerable to theft, loss and damage, whereas cloud backup services are autonomous and free from human error

Reduce Costs

Cloud backup solutions are scalable as your business grows without the need to purchase additional costly infrastructure from $129 per server, or $4.99 per mailbox

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Safeguard your business before it’s too late

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