SSD v HDD: Which One is Best for Your Business?

Picking between a solid state drive (SSD) and a hard drive disk (HDD) doesn’t just come down to cost. Choosing the right storage for your business PC is also dependent on the speed, performance, reliability, and power usage. Ultimately the goal is productivity, SSD’s are quickly becoming the option most businesses are turning to. Read […]

Microsoft Teams: Tips for Working from Home

work from home

Microsoft Teams Working From Home Over the last few weeks, the workplace has had to adapt to people now working remotely. Whilst working from home has presented various challenges, Microsoft Teams can help keep you connected and on-track with your work.  What is Microsoft Teams?  Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 centralised collaboration hub that allows you to […]

HP EliteBook 800 G6 Series


HP recently released a refreshed series of the EliteBook line. The HP EliteBook is designed for the modern mobile professional with a particular focus on security, longevity, and usability, each series gets better. The EliteBook 800 G6 series features responsible and field serviceable devices for long-term usage. The base model is the EliteBook x360 830 […]

The Desktop is Dead


The Digital Age is redefining how we work. The workplace has become dynamic, people no longer work in the same spot 9-5, five days a week. The traditional desktop set-up can no longer keep up with the demands of a modern-day workplace. What caused the move to a mobilised workforce, is this a bad thing? […]

The 3 Best HP Business Laptops

hp laptop

The 3 Best HP Business Laptops Business laptops need to be versatile, useful and most importantly good value. HP’s business focused laptops don’t disappoint. Whilst their range is extensive, we’ve narrowed down the three best HP laptops by best value, best all in one and the overall best. Read about our picks below? Best Value: […]