Microsoft Teams: Tips for Working from Home

work from home

Microsoft Teams Working From Home Over the last few weeks, the workplace has had to adapt to people now working remotely. Whilst working from home has presented various challenges, Microsoft Teams can help keep you connected and on-track with your work.  What is Microsoft Teams?  Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 centralised collaboration hub that allows you to […]

How Data Centre Facilities are Combating Carbon Emissions

Data Centre

The world has become increasingly dependant on technology, the internet and cloud services; millions of global data centre facilities power this demand. These data centres rely on huge amounts of energy to run. In 2017, globally, data centres used 200 terawatt-hours of electricity which is enough electricity to power Australia for a year. Industry leaders […]

Why It’s Time to Switch to the Hybrid Cloud

cloud computing

Over the past few years, cloud servers have rivaled the traditional in-house server. Is one better than the other? No, in fact, to achieve the best results and the most cost-effective solution; often, in-house servers should be used in conjunction with cloud services and solutions (i.e Office 365). This is known as the Hybrid Cloud. […]

Business Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wifi

What is Managed Wi-Fi? Workplace culture is changing and staff are no longer working in the same spot for hours on end. Recognising this, Milnsbridge offers versatile and secure cloud-based Managed Wi-Fi Solutions. Wi-Fi is a key part of smooth business operations, a poor setup can be a constant headache for business owners. Managed Wi-Fi […]

The Consequences of Corporate Data Loss

Data Loss

Data loss can occur at any time to any size organisation and it can be disastrous for your business. Data loss is an event that results in data being compromised, deleted or made inaccessible by a user or malicious software. This is why maintaining backups and security are important in keeping your business running smoothly. […]

Microsoft Office 365 Q&A

What is Microsoft Office 365? At its heart is Office itself – the familiar versions of Office applications businesses use everyday – now offered as a cloud based service, so it’s always up to date. But Microsoft 365 Family is so much more than just MS Office. It’s about bringing corporate-grade services including productivity applications […]