July Security Fails

security fails

Whilst outages happen all the time, it seems a few of the biggest services had blackouts this month leaving lots of frustrated people. This July saw the outage of MyGov at the height of tax return season and the passport e-gates outage that left thousands of passengers waiting for hours. MyGov: Since mid-morning on Thursday, […]

HP EliteBook 800 G6 Series


HP recently released a refreshed series of the EliteBook line. The HP EliteBook is designed for the modern mobile professional with a particular focus on security, longevity, and usability, each series gets better. The EliteBook 800 G6 series features responsible and field serviceable devices for long-term usage. The base model is the EliteBook x360 830 […]

Microsoft Password Expiration Policy Set to Change

Password Expiration

Microsoft announced in a recent blog post that they will be reconsidering their stance on password expiration policy for Windows users. For years Microsoft encouraged administrators to expire users’ passwords every few weeks. The initiative was thought to have made it harder for credentials to be stolen. However, Microsoft Principal Consultant Aaron Margosis identified foreseeable […]

4 things to consider when choosing a Managed Service Provider


Whilst there is a saturated market, you should be looking for an MSP that provides you with the core important services. Here are the top 4 things to consider when choosing a Managed Service Provider: 24x7x365 Support Issues with IT can happen at any time, even outside of business hours. When choosing an MSP consider […]

Why It’s Time to Switch to the Hybrid Cloud

cloud computing

Over the past few years, cloud servers have rivaled the traditional in-house server. Is one better than the other? No, in fact, to achieve the best results and the most cost-effective solution; often, in-house servers should be used in conjunction with cloud services and solutions (i.e Office 365). This is known as the Hybrid Cloud. […]

Windows 7: End of Life

windows 7 end of life

After its initial release in 2009, Windows 7 will no longer be supported after January 14th, 2020. Mainstream support ended in 2015 which meant new features and warranty were stopped. However, after January 14th, 2020, although Windows 7 will still run, there will be no more extended support from Microsoft or security patches (updates) which […]

Ways Your Business Can Avoid Cybercrime


Cybercrime attacks come in various forms (malware, ransomware etc.). Whilst it’s hard to imagine, cybercrime attacks can happen anytime to any size business. A government report shows that 33% of Australian businesses have experienced some type of cybercrime. This week we’ll discuss some of the best security practices to help evade cybercrime attacks and the […]

5 Signs Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

partner with Managed IT services

If you’ve been putting off your IT now is the time to partner with a Managed Services Provider like Milnsbridge IT. IT is an integral part of any business and when not maintained can be disastrous for productivity. Here are 5 signs that its time to call a Managed IT Service Provider. Constant Downtime When […]

The Desktop is Dead


The Digital Age is redefining how we work. The workplace has become dynamic, people no longer work in the same spot 9-5, five days a week. The traditional desktop set-up can no longer keep up with the demands of a modern-day workplace. What caused the move to a mobilised workforce, is this a bad thing? […]

Managed Education IT Services


Managing your school’s IT can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our education IT solutions can benefit your school in a number of ways. Reduce internet costs & dropouts with our Managed Wi-Fi solutions. Affordable and great value monthly plans to stay on budget. Plus, all the other Managed IT Services Benefits Scalable […]