WFH Work From Home: Remote Access Networks & Infrastructure

work from home

The Coronavirus pandemic changed lives across the globe and continues to impact us several months after the initial worldwide outbreak. This forced most business into a work from home scenario. Consequently, this put their IT infrastructure and remote access networks to the ultimate test. Moreover, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have not only revolutionised Managed IT […]

2021 Cybersecurity Trends

2021 security trends

Cyber security remains a pressing concern as tech companies and hackers are locked in a never-ending arms race. Cyber-attacks are consistently sophisticating in nature which is how they’re able to still successfully target individuals and businesses. A study by Cyber security Ventures predicts these crimes will cost the world $6 trillion a year by 2021. […]

SSD v HDD: Which One is Best for Your Business?

Picking between a solid state drive (SSD) and a hard drive disk (HDD) doesn’t just come down to cost. Choosing the right storage for your business PC is also dependent on the speed, performance, reliability, and power usage. Ultimately the goal is productivity, SSD’s are quickly becoming the option most businesses are turning to. Read […]

Is Microsoft Edge the new Chrome?

Chromium Edge

Recently Microsoft released their newest version of Edge. This new version, called Chromium Edge is based on an open source software by Chromium. Chromium is also the software that Google Chrome is built from. Given this, the new Microsoft Edge has become a viable opponent to the Google Chrome browser. This article will look at […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pay the Ransom

Ransomware payment

Tech giant Garmin were recently the victim of a WastedLocker attack which temporarily took their services offline. Evil Corp Group have begun distributing a new type of ransomware, WastedLocker. This ransomware typically encrypts a business’s files, deletes shadow copies. The hackers then demands a ransom, usually in the form of crypto currency, in exchange for decrypting files. (Read more […]

WastedLocker and EndPoint Detect + Response

WastedLocker Ransomware

Cyber attacks are continually sophisticating and evolving ways to circumvent traditional anti-virus. Most recently, technology company Garmin fell victim to a new type of attack, WastedLocker. Attackers set out to steal your valuable business data and to generally cause chaos which can result in lengthy downtime. However, this can generally be avoided if a sophisticated […]

SharePoint File Server – An Online Alternative to File Servers

sharepoint files storage

What is SharePoint Online?  SharePoint Online is a cloud-based application included in the Microsoft Suite and your Office 365 subscription. SharePoint is a collaborative web based tool that is typically used to create websites, teams. However, it also can be a secure way to store, organise and share files from any device. As the need for a centralised, secure and flexible file […]

Why SMS Two Factor Authentication is Unsafe

sim swapping - sms two factor authentication

Our dependence on technology has never been higher, especially during the pandemic. Due to much of the economy being shut for several weeks, people had to do their regular errands online such as shopping, banking, and general communication. These services all require you to generate an account meaning that you could have several accounts for different […]

Milnsbridge Coronavirus Measures

Coronavirus Measures

Though the Coronavirus situation has been slowly improving, Milnsbridge have prioritised the health and safety of our team and our clients. Therefore, over the last three months, we have implemented new practices and measures in the office, these measures will continue to change as things such as on-site maintenance visits return. As of June, the […]

Microsoft Teams: Tips for Working from Home

work from home

Microsoft Teams Working From Home Over the last few weeks, the workplace has had to adapt to people now working remotely. Whilst working from home has presented various challenges, Microsoft Teams can help keep you connected and on-track with your work.  What is Microsoft Teams?  Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 centralised collaboration hub that allows you to […]