Crypto-Mining Explained

Bitcoin Mining

As the success and popularity of crypto-currency continue to grow, so does its mining industry. Like gold mining, the coins already exist in the protocols design they just haven’t been ‘dug up’ yet. If you’ve been combing the internet in search of a simple explanation of crypto-mining then you’ve come to the right article. We […]

IPv4 Issues and Migration to IPv6

IPV6 Migration

The inevitable is occurring, we are running out of IPv4 addresses, it is now time to seriously consider IPv6 and we must migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. This article addresses and answers some of the more pressing questions regarding IPv4 to IPv6 migration. What is IPv4? IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol Version 4. IPv4 provides […]

Bitcoin Myths: Debunked

Bitcoin Myths

Bitcoin has gained a lot of interest and attention after it skyrocketed to approximately $17,500 (USD) in late 2017. Since then, Bitcoin and other alt-coins (LiteCoin, Ethereum etc.) have been the subject of wide-ranging interest across the media. So here are the most common Bitcoin myths, debunked. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are mostly used for […]

Why IT Security Should Be Your Top Priority

As the variety and number of connected devices grow, so does the chance of having it compromised by hackers or malware. 2017 saw major ransomware attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya affect businesses and individuals alike. These attacks revealed that malware and ransomware are becoming highly sophisticated in nature and vicious in their approach. Consequently, IT […]