Review Milnsbridge and WIN

Review Milnsbridge IT following the link below and go into the draw to win* a HP Sprocket: LINK The HP Sprocket allows you to edit and print photos from your smartphone. * Must fill in survey to be eligible for the competition ** Open to Milnsbridge customers only *** Winner picked at random

HP Recycling Scheme

HP Recycling Program

In partnership with HP, Milnsbridge offer our clients a free hardware recycling program. Recycling your old and unused hardware through this program ensures the secure destruction of your old data and helps contribute to the global recycling effort. Below are the steps involved with the HP recycling scheme. Workshop Technician Cooper pulling apart old hardware […]

5 Steps to Securing Your Crypto-Assets

Digital Assets such as crypto-currencies are still fairly new, meaning they are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and phishing scams. We have outlined five steps to securing your crypto assets and as well as some useful tips. 1. Create a strong password Although this seems like common sense, according to a 2014 poll from Keeper, the three most common passwords […]

Milnsbridge 2018 Wishes

2018 wishes

2018 wishes and the year ahead Just when you’ve finally got comfortable writing 2018 as the date you then discover that its February already. This is indeed a fast paced world we are now living in with the speed of technological and social change accelerating at an ever-increasing pace. Among the biggest changes we’re are […]