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Like any aspect of running a business, the Internet deserves some analysis to determine whether you are doing the best that you can for your business. Previously the most important thing was to actually have the Internet, as long as it was reasonably reliable, and reasonably quick, that was often good enough.

But that doesn’t cut the mustard any more, its no longer 2010, business don’t just “use” the Internet any more, they actually rely on the Internet. Over the past five years the choices have increased dramatically, whilst at the same time pricing decreased significantly which makes getting a better connection a lot less painful now.

Milnsbridge is a wholesale provider of Internet services to our Managed Service customers. We have agreements with all the major telcos and can supply services from Telstra, Optus, AAPT, M2, TPG and Pipe Networks. These relationships mean we can typically provide any service in any location.

It makes sense to get your Internet connection from us, monthly charges, service, and support are all provided by Milnsbridge. We take care of everything and make sure you get the best connection to suit your business and location.

Once we know your requirements we can advise you what is the best option for you. Are you able to get the NBN, do you need fibre for speed and reliability, or will Ethernet over Copper be fine? Just let us know and we’ll work out what you can get, and get you the best price.

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The Internet is the lifeblood of the modern business

These days businesses need to take their Internet Connections very seriously. The level of dependence that now exists on being able to connect to the Internet is staggering.
Just think what it could potentially cost to be down for a day, then think about how much investment you want to make in a well designed, high speed Internet connection.

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The National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout is picking up speed and is now available to even more businesses in the wider Sydney area. Milnsbridge provides NBN connections directly to your business without having to go through one of the major telcos.

With plans ranging from 25M/10M up to 100M/40M, all with 1200GB of downloads you can be sure we have the right NBN plan for your business.

Having the NBN installed will transform the way you use the internet and provide your business with the competitive edge it needs.

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Still the mainstay of many micro businesses, ADSL was first installed shortly after Y2K and replaced dialup Internet. At the time it was 30 times faster than dialup and would grow to become over 400 times faster than dialup. When ADSL is compared to dialup Internet it is exponentially faster, but when compared to Gigabit fibre optic connections, which are up to 40 times faster, ADSL speeds now look very much like the old dialup services from the 1990s.

So why is it that there are still so many businesses using ADSL? The answer to this question is cost and inertia; a Fibre, or Ethernet, connection is more expensive than ADSL in much the same way that ADSL was up to 20x dearer than dialup. Combined with inertia (it ain’t broke so it doesn’t need fixing) this goes a long way to explain why so many small businesses find it hard to move off of ADSL.

ADSL still meets the needs of many small businesses, it may be the only connection type available in your area, or it may only be a backup connection. Whatever your needs are, Milnsbridge provides ADSL connections designed for businesses which by default have a low cost, a static IP address with unlimited usage.

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Commonly known as Ethernet over Copper (EoC), or mid-band Ethernet, it is generally available in more locations than fibre optic, and is usually more cost effective at the lower bandwidth levels. EoC is basically a collection of copper phone lines virtually bonded together to make a bigger line to carry more data.

Speeds available usually range from 2M/2M up to 20M/20M. Whilst there are options for even higher bandwidth connections they are very rarely used since fibre optic would typically work out to be the preferred product for high bandwidth connections. There are also some limitations based on the number of copper (Telstra) lines running into your building.

You don’t really need to know whether EoC or Fibre would be the best for your business. Simply get in touch with us and we can work it out for you and provide you with the right advice to suit your needs and your budget.

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Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic Internet has always been, and still is, the best Internet connection you can get. Not to be confused with the consumer grade NBN network, business grade fibre optic Internet provides significantly higher speeds and unparalleled reliability.

Fibre optic Internet provides for speeds ranging from 2M/2M all the way up to 1000M/1000M (Gigabit) and typically are provided with unlimited data allowances so you don’t have to worry about usage. Firstly you need to find out whether you can get fibre in your location, and Secondly, its a matter of what speed you require. Milnsbridge can take all the headaches out of the process and simply take care of everything for you.

Whilst fibre is not the cheapest option, it is by far the best option based on reliability and performance which is why Milnsbridge uses a 100M/100M fibre connection internally.

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