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Buying IT equipment is an important, and sometimes confusing process, the market is flooded with brands, and options, making it difficult to know if what you’re buying is going to get the job done.

Sometimes its also difficult to work out why electronics retailers have notebooks for sale for $399, when your Managed Service provider has quoted $1999 for a notebook with the same basic specifications; how can that be? Thankfully the answer is usually pretty simple; the $399 ‘consumer’ notebook will usually be inexpensive because it only has a 1 year warranty (instead of 3 years), a slower hard drive, slower memory, and basically every other component is either old tech or just plain old slow.

That’s where Milnsbridge can help, as a HP Business Partner, and a Microsoft Surface Partner, we get access to the best pricing on products designed for business. Both HP and Microsoft make high quality devices suited to business use, they will last longer and perform better. Price is also an important factor, and Milnsbridge will work hard to get you the best deal with attractive bulk discounts.

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We make the whole process easy!

Milnsbridge manages the entire product life cycle for all hardware & software products from initial product recommendations, ordering and installation, through to ongoing support and finally decommissioning and recycling.

There is no need to worry about warranty servicing when you buy through Milnsbridge either; we take care of all remote warranty claims free of charge for our Managed Services clients.



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