Electronics Recycling

HP Recycling

In partnership with HP, Milnsbridge offer its clients a free hardware recycling program.
Recycling your old and unused hardware through this program ensures the secure destruction of your old data and helps contribute to the global recycling effort. Below are the steps involved with the HP recycling scheme.

Workshop Technician Cooper pulling apart old hardware in the Milnsbridge workshop.



1. Old hardware such as desktops, notebooks and servers are collected by the Milnsbridge team and taken to the workshop.

2. Once received, our workshop technicians remove the hard drives from the various devices, then they are securely and professionally destroyed.

3. Afterwards, the hardware is loaded onto pallets and wrapped, ready for collection.

4. Once transferred to the HP processing factory, hardware is sorted, dissembled. It is then shredded and ground.

5. Recyclers then sift through the remains on a conveyor belt. They separate plastics, aluminium, steel and other metals.

6. Materials are then processed into their raw forms, ready to be manufactured into new HP products.


Complimentary hardware recycling is just one of many beneficial services provided Milnsbridge, call us on 1300 300 293 today to learn more.



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